Holocaust Study Centre Canterbury

A resource library for studies of the Holocaust

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A Canterbury-based Library on the Holocaust

The Study Centre aims:

  • to share information about all aspects of Holocaust study based on a comprehensive library containing up to date scholarship as well as influential history writing, including German publications;
  • to offer mutual support and sharing of research;
  • to publish occasional monographs and articles;
  • to enable scholars and students to continue with their own research.

Material on offer

Within the broad range of material there are particular areas of study:

  • the role of the SD (security service) of the SS at the Berlin Main Security Office;
  • the confusion within the Churches towards national socialism from 1919;
  • Jewish-Christian relations up to the present;
  • the erratic developments towards the Holocaust.

But there is more, so please phone if you require something that is not listed.

Visitors are welcome!

Please see the contact details at the foot of this page.


Ian Harker
The Rev Ian Harker is a retired Anglican priest who has made a life-long study of the Holocaust, please see his list of Publications. He runs and manages the Holocaust Study Centre in Canterbury.

Ian holds an MA in Holocaust Studies from the University College London (Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies), and a Diploma in Jewish-Christian Relations from Anglia University. He has spoken at international conferences and local theological groups. He is a member of the Wiener Library London.

The Centre
The Centre is within walking distance of Sturry rail station, served from Canterbury West and Ashford with High Speed links to London terminals. Also one hour by car from the Folkestone Channel Tunnel exit, or Bus 6 from Canterbury.